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27.03.2005 Conversation with Sergey Lazarev from SMASH!!
From the conversation with Sergey Lazarev: I see the t.A.T.u. Girl Often -We haven't seen much of your sister-in-law, Yulia lately. Do you talk to her? -The point is that she isn't in Moscow right now. Yulia has been living in the USA for 2 and a half months, but she has to come back soon. She's recording the new album. We call each other, we're interested in each others plans. The last time we saw each other, was in a beauty shop, where she was getting her hair cut, and then we spent the evening together. -What were you talking about? -When we meet, it's better if there is no one around us, because no one can understand us. We talk without finishing phrases, we speak our own language. When we get together, we can talk for 4 hours. And we always have topics to discuss. Of course, we talk about our music success. And like everyone, about the latest rumors about us. I even read not too long ago that Yulia's baby was from me. -Lazarev laughs. -What did you give Yulia's daughter for her Christening? -A dress. By the way, I have a niece who's the same age, thats why I had the experience of such shopping before. It was easier doing it the second time. But as far as I know, she has not been christened yet. And I don't want to talk about Yulia's daughter. That's Yulia's private life. -By the way, when I saw Yulia 3 months ago, she had blonde hair. How does she look now? -She is back to a brunette now. But her hair is naturally blonde. And when she was a blonde again, it was a shock: She was so impressive. But a bit different, because it made her look more mature. But her "image" ruled out, and she's a brunette now. | Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets.

23.03.2005 More news about TATU from Official web site
t.A.T.u. recorded one more song for the new album All my love today. This song will appear only in Russian on the international album. The lyrics of the song, written by Valeriy Polienko, are unique for the band, thats why it was decided not to translate it into English. The recording of t.A.T.u.'s second album is going on in one of LA's most famous studios The Village, which was visited by The Beatles, where generations of musicians record their music from The Rolling Stones and The Doors to Marylin Manson, Madonna and Limp Bizkit.

+ Yulia Volkova is intensive engaged in a vocal
During her being in LA, Yulia Volkova is engaged in her vocals. Within the last two months, Yulia takes lessons every day from one of the best vocal teachers- Ron Anderson, who is practically the national patrimony of the US. Ron Anderson has helped Justin Timberlake, Bjork, Guns 'n Roses, Soundgarden & P.O.D. to overcome different troubles in their voice. Now, he teaches Yulia a new and right technique of singing that will help Yulia to record the "Screaming" vocal parts without trouble. Now, Yulia's voice sounds different, but her charisma is more expressive, and we'll hear the result in the songs.

+ t.A.T.u. recorded the song with Trevor Horn
English producer Trevor Horn, who took part in the creating of the first international version of t.A.T.u's album, wrote a new song for t.A.T.u. called Craving, which was recorded by Yulia and Lena a day or two ago in his studio in LA. Contrary to the information given by mass-media, Trevor Horn isnt a producer of the new t.A.T.u. album. Most of the tracks on the new album are produced by Sergey Galoyan, who is the musical author of practically all of the new songs.
Translated by belissa and Freddy for tatu.fatal.ru | Source: tatu.ru

13.03.2005 Tatu Fatal Support
Dear friends! We receive hundreds letters from you! Many thanks for your attention to our site! At once it would be desirable to tell, that we do not answer as psychological support, we do not give any addresses and -mails of Tatu group and we are not Tatu. We are helping you with our web site. All latest news and media on the main page or in the forum - we are not sending any of this :) Anyway - thanks for your support and love!

13.03.2005 Tatu Work On Their Album!
Tatu continue to record their 2nd album, and we'll most likely be able to hear their new work in late spring. | Source: www.universalmusic.ru

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27.02.2005 Yulia and Lena are nominated for "Golden Bee". Vote!

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